One Cold Winter’s Morning

By Tristan Tinn - @tristantinn


I guess in a sense this article is a follow up to my last piece; ‘When the fog never clears’. Since that trip, Autumn had slipped away and Winter now had a firm grip on the higher fells. A daytime ride was planned to celebrate a member of the Hope Tech team’s birthday, bashing around…

When The Fog Never Clears

By Tristan Tinn - @tristantinn

Sticks Pass Mist

You check the forecast the night before and it looks to be a bit hit and miss – you always sway on the side of optimism. That sunrise above a sea of mist strongly imprinted in your mind’s eye. The thing with sunrise plans is once you’ve made them you feel bound to stick to…

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

By James Vincent - @jamesvincent

Lake District Mountain Biking

I roll out of bed, pull on my clothes laid out from the night before, and crawl downstairs to put the coffee on. My bag is packed and my bike is waiting in the hallway – at this time of day, I need all the help I can get! Once breakfast is done, I load…

Bit of a Bash

By Andy Smith - @andycactus

The Borrowdale Bash is one of the Lakeland District’s classics. Great climbs, great descents, great views and different every time you ride it. It’s a real favourite but can take up a big part of your day. This particular Saturday I was really short on time so decided to only ride a bit of the Bash – it still didn’t…