Bit of a Bash

The Borrowdale Bash is one of the Lakeland District’s classics. Great climbs, great descents, great views and different every time you ride it. It’s a real favourite but can take up a big part of your day. This particular Saturday I was really short on time so decided to only ride a bit of the Bash – it still didn’t disappoint.

I parked in the NT car park in Seatoller and kitted up. Now, as you know mountain bikers are well used to leaving the car and going straight into a climb, but today my first task was to climb Honister Pass. A real test of character. I personally make it my mission to clean it. This time was no different. It’s a case of stamping down hard on those pedals however steep it gets. And believe me, it gets steep. The reward for your efforts is a view from the top of world.